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Obituary was created in 1985 (Brandon, Florida) as Xecutioner (they even recorded a demo tape "Xecutioner", which included Find The Arise and later unreleased Like The Dead). Later they changed their name (there was already another Xecutioner in Boston) to Desecration and finally (in 1988) to Obituary.

Originally the band was made up of John Tardy (voc), Donald Tardy (dr) and Trevor Peres (g). In 1986 they were joined by Allen West (g) and David Tucker (b). At the beginning of 1990 West and Tucker were replaced by James Murphy (g, formerly in Death) and Frank Watkins (b). Then in 1991 Murphy (he later played in Cancer and Disincarnate, also he had few guest appearances during The End Complete session) was replaced by returning West.

They released six LPs so far, all except the debut "Slowly We Rot" were pretty successfull (The End Complete, their best selling LP, made 200,000 copies sold worldwide - as many as both first LPs). This makes them the best selling Roadrunner's death metal band.

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Obituary '91 (taken from "The End Complete")

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