I'd like to thank Espen, who sent me some additional info on band's history, as well as some Xecutioner's recordings.

Special thanx go to tMH for sending me a lot of lyrics. Stay heavy!

Great thanks go to the people who decoded the lyrics and tablatures. Great job!

Another thanks for Johann Ingi who created a module version of Solid State - probably the very first death metal module, and sent it to me.

Also thanks to EMF for bothering me with questions, reminding me the page needs more stuff, and being cool and heavy.

More thanks to Jonas Sandström for making the impossible (decoding lyrics from Slowly We Rot). Fantastic Job!

Even more thanks go to Tim Mayer who dug through all the lyrics. Thanks pal!

Special greetings to all the fans worldwide and finally very special thanks to our beloved band for playing such cool music!

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